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The first atomic battery for the consumer market

The and collaboration is revolutionizing energy with the BV100 battery, offering 50 years of autonomy and combining Swiss innovation and sustainability. A giant step towards a future where sustainable energy is accessible to all.

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Energy Revolution: and unveil the first consumer atomic battery with a 50-year lifespan., in collaboration with, is at the heart of a revolution that promises to redefine our relationship with energy and technology. Imagine a world where batteries are no longer a constraint, but a vector of autonomy and innovation. We are on the verge of making it possible.

Our project is based on a revolutionary breakthrough: the first consumer atomic battery, developed by Betavolt Technology, a company at the forefront of energy innovation. This battery, the BV100, is not just a battery; this is the future of portable energy. With a lifespan of 50 years, it represents a radical departure from current technologies. Imagine never having to worry about charging your smartphone, laptop, or changing the battery in your home devices again. The BV100 makes this possible.

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But this project goes beyond simple convenience. Thanks to Swiss expertise in quality control and our commitment to sustainable innovation, each battery is a guarantee of reliability and respect for the environment. By investing in this technology, you are not only contributing to a cutting-edge project; you are part of a revolution that is shaping the future of energy, artificial intelligence and technology in general.

The future we are building with the BV100 is a future where every device, every component, can operate for decades without intervention, without maintenance. It's a future where energy is safer, cleaner, and infinitely more accessible. And it's a future you can help achieve.


At, we are convinced that the future belongs to those who dare to innovate and invest in transformative technologies. With the BV100, we're not just offering a new battery; we are paving the way for a new era of energy. An era where the limitation is no longer the lifespan of our devices, but the extent of our imagination.

We invite you to join this adventure. To invest in technology that promises not only to transform our daily lives, but also to rethink our approach to energy and innovation. With and, invest in the future. Invest in an energy revolution that will begin very soon. The opportunity is there, seizable, ready to change the world. Are you ready to be part of it?


The countdown is on for investors, with a window of opportunity opening in the coming days. Together, let's shape a world where energy is infinitely accessible, safe, and environmentally friendly. Your investment today is a step towards a future where energy no longer limits our ambitions but amplifies them. The energy future we dream of is within reach – help make it happen.

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